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About Ecclesia in Africa

Ecclesia in Africa or the Church in Africa, is a document that captured the reflections of the 1994 synod of Bishops for Africa whose main concern was how the Church was meeting its evangelization mission in preparation for the year 2000 .

The 1994 synod was a synod of hope and resurrection at a moment when human events seemed to be tempting Africa to discouragement and despair. Of importance to the synod were the lights and shadows, challenges and future prospects of evangelization in Africa.

According to the Ecclesia in Africa, the 1994 synod was a historic moment of Grace for Africa. Africa experienced the the kairos (God’s Grace). The hour of the Lord had come and Africa was present in this hour in its various rites; expressing faith in life to the sounds of drums and other African musical instruments. In the words of Paul VI, Africa had become a homeland of Christ. This homeland of Christ expresses itself in a new kind of koinonia (fraternal love and the Eucharistic Sharing).

At best Africa experienced the  Emmaus Moment: and its heart burnt with love as the Lord spoke to its people and shared a meal with the sons and daughters of Africa. Hence, Christ, our hope, is risen. He has met us, has walked along with us. He has explained the scriptures to us.There is hope even in the midst of fratricidal hate inspired by politics, heavy international debt and currency devaluation. Christ our hope is alive; we shall live.
This confidence to be optimistic is based on the awareness of God’s promise. That is why there is no justification for despair or persimism when we think of the future of both Africa and other parts of the world. The church and all Africans therefore must struggle and keep the hope of genuine liberation alive.

This blog maintained by Koinonia Advisory Research and Development Service (KARDS) will share its reflections as guided by the hope generated by this document and all other documents on the African Church and society.


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